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  • Big ceiling fans for factories

    Big ceiling fans work so well that we use them too. Our fans maintain airflow in our warehouse and production floors and are used to control the temperature during company lunches. A 24-feet HVLS fan moves the same amount of air as a standard 25, 36 inch industrial fan and maintains airflow for more than […]

    Big ceiling fans for trade centers, exhibitions, schools

    The economic challenges of running a retail store decide to design smart, value and comfort for customers – because comfortable customers often shop longer and spend more. Retailers rely on HVLS industrial energy-saving ceiling fans to keep customers comfortable regardless of the season. In winter, our commercial HVLS Industrial Ceiling Fan can run backwards to […]

    Big ceiling fans for logistics warehouses

    How the warehouse and distribution center maintain temperature. With very high ceilings and vast storage areas that are constantly changing due to the movement of materials and materials, distribution centers and warehouses face ongoing temperature control battles: Winter – Achieve even heat distribution at all levels of the structure Summer – With or without air […]

    Big ceiling fans for restaurants

    For true food enjoyment, it is important to think beyond food. Yes, food is the reason most customers come, but if the customer is not in a comfortable setting, no matter how good the food is. Because the room temperature and even cooling of these spaces may not be appropriate, customers often complain about heat, […]

    Big ceiling fans for livestock farms

    The invention of HVLS industrial ceiling fan technology was inspired by the dairy industry when farmers discovered that cooler cows could produce more milk. Hvls industrial ceiling fans for moisture control can reduce the risk of infection in dairy cows. HVLS industrial ceiling fans on livestock farms are the ideal solution to cool and ventilate […]

    Big ceiling fans hvls for public spaces

    Public spaces such as a restaurant yard, stadium stands and other outdoor public gathering spaces can use HVLS industrial ceiling fans. Members and consumers can feel more comfortable on hot summer days when walking outside without having to strengthen the HVAC system. As long as your outdoor space is covered, HVLS industrial ceiling fans can […] Protection Status