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    The invention of HVLS industrial ceiling fan technology was inspired by the dairy industry when farmers discovered that cooler cows could produce more milk. Hvls industrial ceiling fans for moisture control can reduce the risk of infection in dairy cows.

    HVLS industrial ceiling fans on livestock farms are the ideal solution to cool and ventilate these large, open environments. They also provide an ideal means to distribute warm air (as opposed to a standard feature) from overhead heat systems during colder months. Even farms with always-open doors or an open warehouse type can reap the benefits, efficiency and costs of using our Industrial Ceiling Fans.

    Here is why:

    The movement of air breaks the moisture-saturated boundary around the body, increasing the cooling effect. This cooling effect can be significantly increased if used in conjunction with misting or wetting the back of the cow.

    During the winter heating process, Industrial Ceiling Fan technology will stratify uneven temperatures occurring at each level throughout the house, making unused hot air coming from the ceiling to the floor, where there are no That hot air can have a positive impact on the cow.

    A dairy farm ceiling fan consumes as much electricity as a high-speed wall fan while circulating air 12 times.

    The average air velocity in a farm provided by Greentec Fans is greater than the warehouse itself provided by conventional high-speed small fans.

    Cows do not stand together, air moving above and below the herd, regardless of their position on the farm.

    On top of that, the air movement from the fans helps keep bugs and insects away from animals, making them happier than ever.




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