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    How the warehouse and distribution center maintain temperature.
    With very high ceilings and vast storage areas that are constantly changing due to the movement of materials and materials, distribution centers and warehouses face ongoing temperature control battles:

    Winter – Achieve even heat distribution at all levels of the structure

    Summer – With or without air conditioning, adequate ventilation and cooling is often a problem

    Benefits of using industrial ceiling fans hvls for warehouses:
    Reduced temperature – When used as an independent cooling system, HVLS industrial ceiling fans can reduce temperatures to provide a cooling effect as low as 8 ° F in fan coverage (up to 20,000 square feet per 24ft fan).

    Increased efficiency – When used in conjunction with air conditioning systems, slow and steady fan airflow can reduce or eliminate the need for cost-effective and efficient A / C ducting.

    Low energy costs – An HVLS industrial ceiling fan consumes the power equivalent to a high speed fan while moving more than 12 times the amount of air.

    Quiet operation – HVLS industrial ceiling fans provide quiet and unbroken operation.

    Increased cooling efficiency – When it is hot in A / C-free facilities, the slow-moving air generated by HVLS industrial ceiling fans breaks the moisture-saturated boundary around the body, increasing flight speed. vapor to create cooling effects up to 8˚F. When used in conjunction with an air conditioner or evaporative cooling system, our HVLS warehouse fans can efficiently circulate cool air throughout the structure and have an increased cooling effect.

    Improve the heating effect in the winter – In the cold months, the basic problem is temperature stratification. When the hot air rises, it is caught in the ceiling. This hot air can often bring efficiencies that exceed the 15 ° F difference found on the floor.

    Our studies show that HVLS industrial ceiling fans can reduce this temperature difference to within 1 ° -3 ° F. In the case of a difference of 15 ° F (without a fan), the temperature increases ( stock fans) on the floor will be 5 ° -7 ° F. Moreover, because the warehouse fans will run in the opposite direction for the winter, there is never a cold breeze and the air movement is almost imperceptible. Warm air slowly moves the walls towards the center of the suspended warehouse ceiling fan.

    Outstanding ventilation – Industrial ceiling fans hvls also provide outstanding ventilation. They constantly mix fresh air with old air, thus minimizing the total amount of ventilation needed to achieve adequate air quality. No warehouse fan, system, or ventilation technology makes this better.

    Balanced temperature – The heat in a cold room, whether it is low or medium, stratified like in areas with no open conditions. Hvls industrial ceiling fans can circulate cool air and balance the temperature from floor to ceiling. In regions of the country where the average energy ratio is calculated and applied to the next phase based on the highest hour of demand, the cost savings can be significant.






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