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    The economic challenges of running a retail store decide to design smart, value and comfort for customers – because comfortable customers often shop longer and spend more.

    Retailers rely on HVLS industrial energy-saving ceiling fans to keep customers comfortable regardless of the season.

    In winter, our commercial HVLS Industrial Ceiling Fan can run backwards to move and mix hot air to the ceiling with cooler air on the shopping floor or floor – this balances the room temperature. and create a warmer and more comfortable shopping experience.

    Choose from our 8 to 24-foot HVLS Industrial Ceiling Fans, including custom colors that match your décor.

    Commercial HVLS industrial ceiling fans for shopping malls.

    Shopping malls continue to grow with a greater focus on total customer visits. With the addition of cozy relaxing chairs, in-house coffee shop, flat-screen TV, climbing wall, beauty bar and massage shop, the environment becomes more friendly and welcoming.

    The Challenge now is to provide the best possible shopping and maintain operating costs such as Heating, Ventilation and Air.

    Air conditioning (HVAC) of a large space is challenging and costly.

    Energy efficient commercial HVLS industrial ceiling fans can significantly cut HVAC related costs. A few simple facts to consider:

    The cost to run a high efficient or hot chiller is about $ .56 per kW / hour per ton. If the system requires 20,000 tons of air conditioning, that’s $ 11,200.00 per kilowatt-hour, ten cents a kilowatt, or $ 1,120.00 per day! (With 12 hours a day.)

    By integrating ceiling fans into cooling and heating design, energy costs are greatly reduced. A 24 ′, 1 HP commercial fan will create a gentle, comfortable breeze covering about 20,000 square feet – and will cost about a dollar a day to operate. Commercial fans smaller than 8 to 20 feet in diameter operate in smaller amounts.

    Let Sigma design a special fan for your project. The custom colors. Commercial HVLS industrial ceiling fans are comfortable, quiet and extremely “green.” Integrating with the HVAC system, the fans will pay for themselves quickly.





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