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    Buying your big ceiling fans from a distributor seems to be going against the trend in this e-commerce era, but it’s still the best option. Why? Because distributors build their names by providing special, personalized service to their customers. Distributors provide a range of local pre- and post-sales services, ensuring their customers buy the right products and enjoy the solutions they set out to achieve. Here are some key benefits to look forward to when working with an HVLS industrial ceiling fan distributor:

    1. Pre-sale support to choose the best big ceiling fan

    The joint efforts of a manufacturer and its distributors bring a positive experience to someone interested in buying big ceiling fans. Typically, a manufacturer of large wingspan industrial fans provides detailed information about their products and the solutions they achieve through websites and printed materials, such as brochures. When you start researching about big ceiling fans, the manufacturer’s website is a great resource.

    The distributor really shines when you decide the large wingspan ceiling fan is what you want to install in your premises. The distributor of big ceiling fans is trained by the manufacturer to identify the right fans, mounting systems, and layouts for a wide range of applications. Some distributors also have access to manufacturer’s air visualization software, which allows them to scientifically calculate and map the airflow that the fan will create in your space. Buying from a distributor will ensure you get the results you expect from hvls industrial ceiling fans

    2. Support installation and after sales

    Most of the hvls industrial ceiling fan performance problems stem from poor installation. Pair the weak building structure with the wrong mounting system and you will have problems. Mount your fan too close to the ceiling and you will strangle it. Do not connect the fan cord correctly. As you can see, hiring a good installer is just as important as buying the right fan. The distributor will know the best local installers or use the manufacturer’s installer network to find an installer.

    Problems can arise throughout the life of your large diameter fan. For example, if you lose power, the fan may throw an error code and stop running. Your local distributor can stop to reset the fan and make sure they are running properly.

    Distributors of big ceiling fans support their customers

    In the long run, spending a little extra time working with the distributor when you buy an HVLS industrial ceiling fan will be well worth it. A great fan distributor will help you understand your space, choose the best ceiling fans for your needs.

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    What are big ceiling fans?

    What are big ceiling fans?

    HVLS industrial ceiling fans are large span wingspan fans, up to 7.3m in diameter. The fan moves slowly and distributes large amounts of air at low speeds, so it is called high flow fan, speed low.

    Benefits of big ceiling fans

    Benefits of big ceiling fans – Optimal efficiency in ventilation, cooling large spaces

    Benefits of HVLS industrial ceiling fans: improve employee performance, increase safety (and inventory quality), save on maintenance costs, easy installation, saving Protection Status