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    Established in 2005 is a leading company in the field of electromechanical. Currently our company is the only distributor in Vietnam for the famous big ceiling fan Greentec. Our mission is to bring practical benefits to customers and help improve the environment.

    Let's learn about Sigma and application of Big Ceiling Fans

    Support Technology

    We are flexible in designing to combine with customers to choose product designs to meet the specific requirements of each customer such as factories, warehouses, farms, entertainment centers …

    We will survey, consult and propose the most suitable plan for the current status of customers to use HVLS Industrial Ceiling Fans most effectively, bringing the greatest benefits.



    Service Setup

    Installation of HVLS industrial ceiling fans is not too difficult, if you have all the installation tools, we can guide you to install the safest way.

    If you do not have enough installation tools and are familiar with the installation method, please use our installation service.

    With a team of technicians and skilled construction team trained and experienced in the field of industrial ceiling fans HVLS will provide installation services at competitive prices and safe construction, most economical. for you



    Service maintain

    In order to ensure that HVLS industrial ceiling fans operate stably, with high efficiency and safety without any incidents or damage, which affect production activities or use demands of enterprises, they must comply with regulations. process of operation and arrangement for periodic inspection and maintenance every year to avoid unexpected damage affecting businesses. This needs to be done by qualified and trained technicians. With a team of technicians and skilled construction team trained and experienced in the field of HVLS industrial ceiling fans will perform the maintenance process, the most effective and safe way. Ensuring prompt and timely, not affecting the production and business activities of customers.




    HVLS industrial ceiling fans are large span wingspan fans, up to 7.3m in diameter. The fan moves slowly and distributes large amounts of air at low speeds, so it is called high flow fan, speed low.

    Benefits of HVLS industrial ceiling fans: improve employee performance, increase safety (and inventory quality), save on maintenance costs, easy installation, saving

    Choosing to buy big ceiling fans for the factory pay attention to propeller size, fan capacity, should buy from reputable experts, brands.

    6 lesser known factors can affect your hvls ceiling fan price: Ceiling fan size, Number of propellers, Transportation costs, Installation fee, Hardware cost, Maintenance cost.

    Benefits when buying HVLS industrial ceiling fans from distributors: Protection Status