What is a generator?
Generator is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Primary mechanical energy sources can be steam turbine engines, wind turbines, water turbines, internal combustion engines or other sources of mechanical energy.

All current popular generators use mechanical power from internal combustion engines. These engines are mainly powered by gasoline, oil or gas.

In addition to generating electricity, it also performs other roles such as rectification and voltage correction.

Generator construction
What are the parts inside the generator? A generator will include the following components: engine, generator, fuel system, voltage regulator, cooling system, exhaust system, battery charger, control panel.

Working principle of generator
Generators work on the principle of electromagnetic induction. The principle of electromagnetic induction was discovered by scientist Faraday in the 30s of the 19th century.

The principle of electromagnetic induction can be understood as an electric current can be induced when it moves through the inductor. This movement will create a difference in voltage between the two ends of the conductor or the two ends of the inductor. Thanks to this difference, an electric current can be generated.

Classification of generators
Generators come in many styles, designs, and constructions and are used for different sizes. Therefore, based on different criteria, there are many ways to classify generators.

Classification by fuel used
Gasoline generator
Diesel generator set.
Generator runs on biogas.

Classification by purpose of use
Household generator: Used for households when the power is cut off. 220V current ensures that household appliances work well in the event of a power outage.
Industrial generators: Industrial generators have a large capacity to meet the power requirements for industrial machinery in production without overloading.
Portable generators: small in size, easy to move to places where electricity is needed, portable generators to meet small energy sources.
In life and in industry, generators are an indispensable part if you want to provide a power source to ensure the continuous operation of electrical equipment.

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