Overview Introduce

General introduction Sigma company was established in 2005, we are one of pioneered companies in the field of supplying and installing electrical & mechanical equipment for projects of factories, industrial parks, buildings, airports, ports... for customers like as Japan, Korea, Vietnam.

Our members are young, dynamic and creative, always striving for development and dedication, all members are united for "The sustainable development Sigma Company".

Company Philosophy "Customer-oriented - Providing the best products and services to satisfy the requirements of customers".

Prestige and Sigma brand are our construction goal, so all services, products, projects are performed - checked - supervised very strictly to bring to customers the best quality, most perfect.

In 2011, Sigma Company was officially certified ISO 9001:2008 by WQA Certification Organization (WORLDWIDE QUALITY ASSURANCE). This is the recognition of international association certification UKAS (UK) for Sigma company in building and initially implementing a quality management system according to ISO 9001, version 2008. Management system Quality will demonstrate the company's commitment to customers, always perfecting and improving the quality of its services.

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Corperate culture

We live and work in a professional environment, work and enjoy, the income is decided by us. Those are the distinctive features when coming to Sigma. Sigma is an enterprise with a special culture - where each person is free to develop their professional capacity to the maximum and promote all their abilities.
Living and working: We always try to create the most comfortable working environment and space, where members can live and work excitedly, promote all abilities and creativity. 8 hours of work will become meaningful and worth living when you are working, devoted and wholeheartedly with your burning passions.
Labor and enjoyment: All members of Sigma's great family try their best to cultivate and build so that Sigma has a unique and special culture.
Care and understanding: Sigma has a department in charge of listening to employees' feedback, consulting and taking care of their lives. Therefore, not only at work, but also issues in the daily life of employees are also concerned and shared by Sigma's Board of Directors.
Prestige, Sigma brand are our goal

Products and Services