Currently on the market there are many types of ceiling fans with large wingspan and different prices. So how much does a large ceiling fan cost? The answer depends on the needs and size of the large ceiling fan you choose. In this post, you’ll find some general pricing guidelines. You need to consider when determining the cost of a large ceiling fan.

Large wingspan industrial ceiling fan price
1. Ceiling fan size:
Usually, the size of the propeller is what determines the price of the fan. A 3m large ceiling fan will be cheaper than a 7.3m long ceiling fan. In addition, prices may vary depending on the manufacturer. Usage motives and features are included with the purchase. Typically, buying a complete industrial ceiling fan includes: motor parts, propellers, motor control panels, motor control cables…

2. Number of ceiling fan blades:
The number of blades is also a factor affecting the price of your industrial ceiling fan. Usually industrial ceiling fans usually use 5-8 blades. The smaller the number of blades, the cheaper the industrial ceiling fan is.

3. Ceiling fan motor:
The motor is also one of the factors affecting the price of a long-wing ceiling fan. Currently on the market there are 2 types of industrial ceiling fans with large wingspan gears and those without gearboxes. Industrial ceiling fans with large wingspan without gearbox are more powerful, more durable, lower noise but higher cost.

4. Control cabinet:
Industrial ceiling fans are often chosen by manufacturers to control by inverter. However, you should also choose products with inverters of famous brands such as YASKAWA, ABB, Danfoss… There are many different types of inverters and the prices are also different. So it also affects the price of the control cabinet and affects the price of the large span industrial ceiling fan.

5. Shipping cost:
Large ceiling fans are usually quite large and heavy. Due to the large proportions of the fan, the cost to ship the fan is not included in the purchase. Shipping for medium to large HVLS ceiling fans usually depends on the shipping distance.

6. Installation cost:
Different large ceiling fan manufacturers have different options for installation that affect the price. Working with a large ceiling fan manufacturer using a full service distributor means that the distributor will support you through the sales, installation or installation process of your industrial ceiling fan. . Not all manufacturers and regions have full service distributors. However, there are alternative options such as buying directly from the manufacturer. Do the installation yourself or use the manufacturer’s installation service. Each option offers different costs and benefits which is one of the main areas that influence the final price of your industrial ceiling fan.

7. Hardware cost:
Most large industrial ceiling fans require about 1-2.5m from the ceiling. To allow for this clearance, a guy wire is usually needed during installation. In addition to the guy wires, industrial ceiling fans need to install the hardware specified by the mounting solution you decide on.

8. Warranty cost:
Most major industrial ceiling fan manufacturers will provide warranties on their fans. Warranty periods vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and the longer the warranty period also affects the final price of your industrial ceiling fan.

Although these price guidelines are general. Hopefully they will help you better understand the total cost of buying a large ceiling fan. Different manufacturers offer different initial prices. It is important to account for all the additional costs involved in purchasing, shipping, and installing large industrial ceiling fans.

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