What is a large ceiling fan?
Large ceiling fans or HVLS Fans (high volume low speed fans) are also known by other names such as industrial ceiling fans, HVLS industrial ceiling fans, factory ceiling fans, long-wing industrial ceiling fans, and ceiling fans. long blade, long blade ceiling fan, large capacity ceiling fan, large capacity industrial ceiling fan, large span industrial ceiling fan, energy saving ceiling fan… Is a ceiling fan with large blade diameter, knife blade size range from 3-7.3m. Unlike traditional ceiling fans or industrial fans, industrial ceiling fans move slowly but distribute a large amount of air, thus creating a comfortable feeling of coolness.

Fans are widely used for ventilation and cooling of factories, restaurants, cafes, barns, warehouses, gymnasiums, sports halls, stadiums and large spaces.
With just one of our industrial ceiling fans, it will be a ventilation and cooling solution for spaces up to 1,400m2.

Currently, SIGMA is the largest distributor of Greentec industrial ceiling fans.
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