Factory cooling system low cost efficiency again becomes a sore problem of every business when the summer is hot. Many plants operate around the clock, giving equipment little or no time to cool down. Even with equipment turned off, heat can build up and have no outlet, gradually increasing the temperature on the factory floor. Excessive heat can not only cause equipment to operate more slowly or even completely fail, but also have an impact on the health and safety of workers. And either is bad for productivity and morale. Currently, there are many methods to cool factories, however, choosing which factory cooling solution is both effective and cost-effective is not exactly known to all businesses. Join us to find out the most effective factory cooling solutions for businesses:

Efficient, low-cost factory cooling solutions

1. Factory cooling solution using cooling pad

Advantages- Cooling the factory with a cooling pad is very suitable for environments that allow high humidity: livestock, farming, garment industry

– Low investment cost. An economical solution in factory cooling solutions

– Installation – simple operation

– Low energy consumption

Cons- High humidity (75-80%) is not suitable for mechanical and electronic environment

– Only really effective if the temperature outside the factory is > 35 degrees Celsius. Cooling effect: 3-7 degrees Celsius.

– Requires a closed workshop or opens the door less to increase the amount of wind through the cooling pad

– Easy to cause mold and odor after 1 time of not using

Refer to Cooling pad price

2. Heat Resistant Paint Above the Outdoor Corrugated Iron Roof And Install Heat Reflective Aluminum Film Sheet Below The Corrugated Roof.

-As we all know, the roof of the workshop is made of zinc coated corrugated iron, initially covered with a layer of bright white zinc oxide thereby reducing heat radiation on the corrugated iron roof. temperature down.

– After 2 years, this zinc oxide layer is corroded and this bright white reflective layer disappears. The corrugated iron begins to absorb a large amount of heat from the sun, this heat radiates to the bottom of the corrugated iron roof and the air in the workshop heats up. We repainted the heat-resistant layer on this roof.

– Although after painting against heat to reduce heat radiation from the sun, the sheet still absorbs a significant amount of heat and radiates down the workshop. So below the corrugated iron roof, we install an aluminum film to reflect heat against heat radiation.

– This is the first solution when we calculate the insulation for the workshop, the temperature difference in the workshop can be reduced by 2-3 degrees compared to the original.

3. Using Water Spraying Mist Directly on the Roof:

– The model is like a sprinkler to water the lawn, but do not let it become too small to evaporate, causing waste, but let the mist just contact the corrugated iron roof and evaporate.

– This model is cooled by the method of heat transfer and evaporation of water into the air: First, the water contacts the hot corrugated iron roof and removes this heat. Then the water evaporates into the air, the evaporation process takes away some of the heat from the corrugated iron roof.

+ Restrictions.

– Only the roof can be cooled, avoiding the corrugated iron roof absorbing heat radiation from the sun, but not solving the heat convection situation in the workshop.

– Water on the roof that is not used up will cause dust and moss on the roof. Roofs oxidize faster.

4. Using large span industrial ceiling fan :

For medium and large sized factories, HVLS industrial ceiling fans with large wingspan (also known as  industrial ceiling fans, factory ceiling fans, large span ceiling fans,  high capacity ceiling fans) will be one of the most effective solutions among factory cooling solutions that businesses should choose.

HVLS ceiling fans work on the principle of cool air movement, breaking the moisture-saturated boundary layer around the body and increasing the evaporation rate to create a cooling effect.

Investing in an HVLS industrial ceiling fan for factory cooling is one of the smartest things you can do for your business.

Above are some effective and low-cost factory cooling solutions. Hope you will choose the most effective and low cost factory cooling solution for your business.