Big ceiling fan is a device that helps circulate air, creating a cool and comfortable feeling for the user. Currently, in the world, the method of using a large ceiling fan to cool factories and enterprises is very popular because of its preeminent features. However, there are many people who still make the mistake of choosing to buy an industrial ceiling fan. So, how is the experience of choosing to buy a large ceiling fan? Let’s find out through the following article.

Valuable experiences when choosing to buy a large ceiling fan

Before going to explore the experience when choosing to buy a large ceiling fan, we need to learn more:

What is a big ceiling fan?

Choose a reputable and branded large ceiling fan supplier

Buying cheap goods is the common psychology of consumers, but the brand is the factor that confirms the quality. Therefore, the experience when choosing to buy a large ceiling fan is to choose reputable suppliers with brands in the market.

The fact is that the large ceiling fans produced by domestic manufacturers and the large ceiling fans of some foreign brands such as Macroair or Kale Fans … have the same quality because some of the main equipment are manufactured by manufacturers. Selection of famous and prestigious suppliers in the world.

Choose a large ceiling fan size

Workshops are usually quite large spaces. Therefore, when using cooling fan equipment to install in the factory, it is necessary to pay attention to the size of the ceiling fan to be able to cool the entire factory space below the ceiling fan. If you choose too large compared to the area to be cooled, it will waste and waste electricity or if it is too small, it will not be enough to cool the necessary space. So when choosing to buy a factory ceiling fan, you should follow the advice of the manufacturer. to choose the factory ceiling fan to suit the space of the business.

The current industrial ceiling fans usually have a blade diameter of 1.5-7.3m. With a large wingspan, it will help bring cool air evenly to a large space of up to 1400 m2.

Choice of large ceiling fan capacity

Currently, on the market, large-wing ceiling fans usually have a capacity of 0.55-1.5kW, which is a large-capacity ceiling fan. However, depending on the rotor diameter and the number of blades, the manufacturer has calculated the appropriate capacity. The important choice is that you must consider the type of motor that the manufacturer has assembled the large span ceiling fan that allows the ceiling fan to operate 24/7.

The large capacity ceiling fan has a cooling effect on a large area, but it does not consume more electricity than the ceiling fans with small capacity. Therefore, choosing a large capacity ceiling fan will better meet the cooling problem at the factory.

Cooling area

One of the key factors in calculating the number of large ceiling fans for your facility. Under ideal conditions, the 7.3m large ceiling fan has a coverage area of ​​up to 1400m2. But in order to choose the number of fans to use, it is also necessary to consider the actual space.

Choosing to buy a large ceiling fan from an expert

In the era of e-commerce, a business can sell all kinds of products from many different manufacturers.

When your business wants to buy factory ceiling fans that are available from different suppliers, you may want to buy one from a company that sells a wide range of products. However, it is best to purchase a fan from a company that specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of factory ceiling fans.

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With the above  experience in choosing large ceiling fans , we can choose for ourselves an appropriate product to sufficiently cool the entire factory space. At the same time, choose the best quality product that lasts for a long time.

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